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      Before the signing of the contract - through "work envelope map" and the relevant information to the user reporting the preliminary design, user-friendly review, amendment and validation.
      The production process - according to user requirements, can be reported to the user at any time the production schedule and related information to facilitate instruction and supervision.
      Before shipment - according to user requirements, product performance and user join test or by contract for product acceptance.
      After delivery - comes complete proof of product quality information and to install, use and maintenance manuals and other technical information.
      Training - The company responsible for operation of equipment, personnel training, operation and maintenance.
      Is responsible for the company or user site (designated by the industry, director of the party) to the operator on equipment operation, repair and maintenance training.
      Responsible for product quality and product quality during the period of free services and products outside the warranty period of product quality issues and non-paid services.
      Responsible for long-term supply of spare parts.
      Users pay a return visit on a regular basis.
      After-sales service hotline :0518-85280988 85287123
      Tel:0518-85280988 85150988 Fax:0518-85280978
      Add:No.16 zhujing road,Xinpu Development Zone ,Lianyungang,Jiangsu P.C:222346
      Lianyungang huatai petro-chemical machinery co.,ltd.| Sitall.net Support