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      Marine loading arms
      Land loading arms
      Self-levelling folding stairways
      Swivel joints
      Floating disc
      Cable hook off fast
      Hose hanging
      Board self-levelling stairway
       Hose hanging >> Hose hanging  
      Hose crane is designed for oil, chemicals terminal used to connect hoses and the ship's lifting equipment, according to the scope of the use of the envelope design and manufacturing to meet the boat fully loaded, the ship within the no-load any lifting join a variety of media, different weights of hose to meet the needs of the ship loading and unloading operations. Can also be used for lifting goods, supplies and other various odds and ends.
      Hydraulic Action: hydraulic lifting, hydraulic rotary, hydraulic amplitude, running smoothly.
      Flexible, safe, reliable, operating range, can achieve 360-degree turn.
      Mode of operation for the remote control can also be requested under the terminal condition is set to manual operation.
      Adjustable speed rating, any combination of the two movements can work at the rated load.
      The crane according to the need to set the pipeline to achieve dynamic and static connections.
      Motor fixed at the base inside, compact structure, safe and effective way to save space.
      All the lifting, luffing, and rotary devices are equipped with automatic protection devices.
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